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Are you willing to have your jutti embellished with aromatic flowers? The flowers are designed with different sequin shades that give a unique popping effect. The juttis are mesmerising to the extent that they can make the onlookers jaws drop in awe. This exuberant jutti is made from a natural, magical fabric that is 40% cotton and 60% hemp. The various sequin shades are vibrant and are a sharp contrast to the base fabric. The jutti has a cream-coloured base fabric. The elegance of the flowers are derived from the green and aqua moti in the centre. There are multi-coloured sequins too. The stems and leaves are designed using blue and white cut-dana embroidery. PS: Hemp- Being naturally moisture-wicking and odour-resistant, it is more long-lasting and durable.

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Care Instruction

Taking care of your favourite and chic leather juttis is easy.
• Storing: Store your juttis in the dust bag provided with the box, this protects them from everyday dust and keeps them shiny
• Cleaning: Clean the leather often with soft brush or cloth. You must dry clean your juttis to preserve them longer
• Weather: Since our juttis are made with genuine leather, so it’s best to avoid water and to keep them dry and away from moisture. If the juttis are exposed to water or moisture, please dry them out fully before storing them back. Never use any form of artificial heat, such as hairdryer, to dry wet leather, let the juttis dry naturally
• For Sensitive Feet: Line the inside of your juttis with Vaseline for a day & leave
• Extra adornments: All the juttis have been embellished and embroidered securely with utmost finesse. A little pouch of extra embellishments is given with each purchase as well

If you have any other questions, just write in to us at, and we will be happy to answer them

Our Packaging

All our juttis are packed with great care and luxury in beautiful hard cover boxes that are designed using recycled material. Along with the juttis, the box contains a dust bag, a thank you note, and a small packet with extra adornments for embellished juttis.


Expected delivery- 4-5 working days.

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